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Programming for Recruiters - On Software Architecture

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I have quite a few friends and acquaintances who are working in recruiting or areas where they require some knowledge around software engineering but not too much. I’ve decided to start a series where we are going to explore some basic programming concepts targeting you, recruiters and sourcers, so you don’t get super confused when you are talking to your respective engineering manager when they start talking about monads and other insane crap. Read More...

Asynchronous Caching with Python

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We’ve already talked a little bit about the new features in Pyhton 3, specifically with the type hinting system. Another feature that got shipped with version 3.6.0 is the native language support for asynchronous computation. Today we are going to evaluate how we can do caching in this new asynchronous environment without introducing any blocking into our code. Simple asynchronous code Let’s consider the following implementation of the Fibonacci numbers, wrapped with a tiny execution and measuring script: Read More...

Sniffing the Architecture - Sentinel

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In the first edition of this series, we’ve looked at the ominous singleton pattern. The singleton pattern can be useful in some languages, like C++ or Java, however, it doesn’t make too much sense in other ones, like Python. Today we are going to take a look at a design pattern that is more common in multiple languanges, the sentinel. The definition The sentinel design pattern is used for cases when we would like to indicate missing data. Read More...